The Pfiff Bar – the rustic pub in the Stubai Valley

Live. Laugh. Luxuriate. Welcome, friends!

The ‘Pfiff Bar’ belonging to the hotel is a bona fide insiders’ tip for anyone who likes to spend a spirited evening in laid-back company at the pub in the Stubai Valley. Dream up plans for the next day over a freshly drawn little beer or a nice glass of wine. Or pick up some real insiders’ tips for your next tour from the locals. Plenty of laughing, chatting and flirting goes on at this popular rendezvous – sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.

Full-bodied wines, freshly brewed Pils or tingly drinks

The famous Tyrolean schnapps or an alcohol-free, nonetheless tasty refreshment after hours of fitness, the hot mulled wine after a day out on the piste or the shandy after a sweaty mountain bike tour:

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