Creative cuisine in the Stubai Valley

Blissful moments with a special ingredient – locally sourced, fresh, scrumptious

Local sources and full-flavoured modesty are what define the culinary delights from the restaurant at the Alpenstolz Hotel in Mieders. The man of the house himself takes the wheel in the kitchen. And he does it with all his heart and all the passion of a true gourmet. Traditional specialities originating from the Austrian Alpine regions especially like finding their way to the table with Martin Stolz.

4-course evening meal with salad buffet

Of an evening there is a 4-course meal with a large salad buffet served up in all its rich variations and finest array of flavours. Starter, soup, main course and dessert – each course a work of poetry. Custom-made creations for allergy sufferers and vegetarians are of course available. Complemented by a fine wine from the hotel’s very own wine cellar, your evening meal at the restaurant in the Stubai Valley will be the highlight of your holiday each day all over again.

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